Takeaway Hot Drink Cup Sizes

How do you decide how much to order from each hot drink cup size when you're starting a business selling hot drinks such as a cafe, coffee shop, kiosk or cart?

Well, hot drink cup sizes are standard 4 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz and the mighty 20 oz.

To simplify things, 4 oz is the espresso, macchiato or babycino cup. 8 oz cups are perfect for cortados or flat whites. 12 oz cups are called 'tall' by some brands but they are actually the smallest cup in which lattes and mochas are served. 16 oz cups are the bigger version of 12 oz cups also known as 'grande' or 'large'. 

20 oz cups are the same as a British pint and although not a very common size for hot drinks, this size has proved to become popular with bars and pubs for serving alcoholic drinks outdoors. 

So how would you go about estimating your purchase of hot drink cup sizes while starting your coffe shop, operating a food and drinks stall at a festival or simply organising an event?

Well,cortado the most popular sizes are 12 oz and 16 oz obviously but the 8 oz cups are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of cortado and flat whites. Are you serving a customer base who are following trends or are they a group of people who like to stick with the classics? 

Are you going to serve kids as well as adults? No parent will allow their 6-year-old a 12 oz hot chocolate for example. 

So after figuring out the details about your customers, you can estimate your orders based on the fact that the main sales will be among the 8, 12 and 16 oz cups.

Dimensions of takeaway hot drink cups:

4 oz:

  • Height: 2 3/8 inches
  • Top diameter: 2 1/2 inches

8 oz: 

  • Height: 3 1/2 inches
  • Top diameter: 3 1/8 inches

12 oz: 

  • Height: 4 1/2 inches
  • Top diameter: 3 1/2 inches

16 oz: 

  • Height: 5 1/4 inches
  • Top diameter: 3 1/2 inches

Happy selling!


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